The Three Rivers Hunting Retriever Club, Inc. was formed in 2000 by hunters who were interested in training their dogs for actual hunting situations.  Our primary goal is to pool our knowledge and resources so we can enhance the natural abilities of our retrievers to be utilized at their fullest potential as conservation tools.  We are a family-oriented organization and encourage our members to get their entire families involved in our club activities.  We are affiliated with the Hunting Retriever Club, Inc. (HRC) of the United Kennel Club, Inc. (UKC).  The HRC is an organization, "Conceived by hunters for hunters" and is the most exciting thing to ever happen for the bird and duck hunter and their retrievers.

We have developed the following goals:
  • To promote the use of the hunting retriever as a conservation tool for the proper management of all of our wildlife resources
  • To educate hunters, handlers, owners and the general public through the encouragement and promotion of quality breeding, training and field testing of purebred retrievers in order to bring forth and perpetuate their natural hunting and retrieving abilities
  • To exhaust all available means of protecting and advancing the interests of hunting retrievers through education and the encouraging of sportsman-like participation in hunt tests and retriever training
  • To conduct licensed hunt tests and training hunt tests for the hunting retriever

Membership Benefits:

A trained retriever is a joy to hunt with.  We have a lot of fun together and invite you to join in with us.  If you are just curious, come out and see what we are all about.  If you are looking to develop your retriever into a true conservation tool that will make you proud in the field, we're sure you’ll be convinced that this is the place for you!  Membership in the Three Rivers Hunting Retriever Club provides you:

  • Regular club training days
  • Access to years of training experience
  • Contribution to conservation
  • Licensed hunt tests and Fun hunt tests
  • Club newsletter
  • Access to a network of great hunters and retriever owners in your area

What We Offer:

Hunt Test:  The Three Rivers Hunting Retriever Club will hold licensed hunt tests at least once per year.  The licensed hunt tests consist of three different levels of complexity.  Points are awarded and accumulated in all three categories.  These points go towards the title of Hunting Retriever (HR), Hunting Retriever Champion (HRCH), and Grand Hunting Retriever Champion (GRHRCH).  Dogs are NOT judged against each other but rather against a set standard of qualities that a hunting retriever should possess.

Testing Categories
Started:  For young or inexperienced retrievers that might not have had the experience of a season of hunting or limited exposure to hunting and/or training.  Tests consist of single marks on both land and water.  The tests are designed to determine the retrievers natural marking ability and the dog is not required to be steady.  Decoys, boats, duck calls, and other equipment are often used to help simulate actual hunting conditions.
Seasoned:  For retrievers that have had more training than started dogs and usually have a couple of hunting seasons experience.  Tests generally consist of double land and water marks, a walk-up, a diversion, and relatively short land and water blinds.  At this stage, the handler is required to handle the gun and all efforts are made to simulate actual hunting conditions.
Finished:  For dogs that have had more intensive training.  They must accomplish the tasks required with both style and accuracy.  The finished hunting retriever should be a pleasure to hunt with under any conditions.  Tests for these retrievers may consist of triple marks on land and water and substantially longer blind retrieves.  The dog must honor another retriever at work, and the leeway provided the finished retriever is much less than that allowed the started and seasoned retriever.

Other Benefits:

In addition to licensed hunt tests the Three Rivers Hunting Retriever Club regularly puts on Club Training Days.  These training days allow the handler and his dog to better train for the conditions found in hunt tests and most importantly, actual hunting situations.  They also provide the retriever owners the opportunity to meet with others and exchange information and ideas about how to better train their hunting retriever.  Club Fun Hunts are also held.  They work just like a HRC licensed hunt test but do not offer the handler and his retriever the opportunity to obtain points towards a title.   The fun hunts are great practice for HRC licensed hunt tests and provide those who have never attended a HRC licensed hunt test exposure to the real-life testing scenarios offered at such events.

Three Rivers Hunting Retriever Club
Serving Northeast Oklahoma and Southeast Kansas