New Photo Gallery Format


Getting Started: Three Rivers HRC has switched to a new photo galley format which allows for easier photo viewing as well as photo interaction such as commenting on photos, rating photos, saving photos to your favorites and more.  After clicking the link below you will be required to create a user name and password if you want to use the interactive features however you can view pics without registering. Once you have completed this step you will automatically be logged on and you can start viewing photos right away.  
Submitting Photos: If you would like to submit a photo click here. Please make sure photos are at least 350x350 pixels, there is no limit to the maximum size a photo can be as it will be resized if too large.  Add the gallery in which you want the photo displayed in the subject line, if you have photos that will go in multiple galleries send them in separate emails.  In the body of the email state the dogs name, owners name or any other info to describe the photo, this will be displayed below the photo.


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